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Mental Wellness Program


The Mental Wellness Program is more than just a program; it is a vital lifeline offering free Christ-centered support to your congregation and community by providing the framework, resources, and tools necessary to establish a compassionate and enduring lay caring ministry in your church. Members who want to be a part of this ministry program are equipped and empowered to offer personalized care to those in need within your congregation and community. Some of the resulting benefits are a culture of caring support throughout your church, a trained, compassionate support team, and a church that makes sure that nobody ever has to feel alone or overwhelmed by life. When paired with a coach, those in need find solace in the loving care of Christ, the unchurched discover the transformative power of faith-based support, and pastors fulfill their divine calling by extending their ministry beyond their own capacity. Together, we can reach and heal more hurting people than ever before.

Program Launch and Mental Wellness Coach Training

  • Together with the pastor and staff, creation of a timeline as to when to start, finish, commission and launch the ministry.

  • Comprehensive 40 hour-course training program for church member who have volunteered to become trained as a certified mental health coach.

  • Monthly training sessions focused on coaching techniques, support strategies, and effective communication skills.

  • Curriculum covering topics such as strengths-based support, life balance, decision-making guidance, navigating mental health difficulties, and recovery planning. 

  • Commissioning the mental wellness coaches  

  • Official launch to the congregation and community 

Ministry In Action

  • One-on-one, weekly coaching sessions with an emphasis on positive change and goals.

  • Partnership model where the individual is considered the expert on their own life, with the coach providing expertise in supporting successful ongoing change.

  • While meeting each person where they are, with a commitment to the individual’s values and priorities, the intent is to not leave them there but to actively encourage the individual to grow in their faith and relationship with Jesus.

Referrals and Community Outreach

  • Since mental health coaches do not diagnose or provide professional care or treatment for mental health disorder, Never Alone Foundation raises funds to be able to refer individuals to its network of vetted outside resources such as certified counselors and therapists.  

  • To promote awareness and raise funds, the Never Alone Foundation promotes mental health coaching services inside your church/organization and through community outreach efforts, including events, workshops, and social media campaigns.


We are partnered with AACC offering a comprehensive mental health coach training program and providing client-centered coaching services. 

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